"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."

—  Pablo Picasso

 Growing up I have always wanted to be different..and had always wanted to be the black sheep in everything I did. By doing this I never wanted to follow any rules, especially art teachers instructions in school.. everything just had to be different and not up to a " grade standard." A little after turning 14, my family sent me to a private art teacher who began teaching me about oil painting and I fell in love. While being in private art classes, I painted on about 4 canvas' till I said f*ck the norm of painting oil on canvas, I'm going to paint on glass. From then I have not put down a paint brush or buying different sheets of glass and constantly have been trying to pull the images out of my brain.


I enjoy capturing the raw beauty of nature and human beings but twisting it with just a little glitch. My goal is to paint the characteristics of people in the most vibrant colors and elegance, but also show the uniqueness and beauty in everyday life from how I perceive the world!

 This has been a crazy journey of learning new things and evolving to my truest self through art. I'm so grateful for anyone who has stuck around to watch my journey unfold.. so thank you!

~ L u n i s  A r t

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Facebook: @Lunis Art