Art Classes

For 2018 I am offer "one on one" painting classes Mon-Fri anytime after 4pm in my home studio in Boulder, Colorado!

My Teaching Approach:
I teach one on one (or pairs of students) which allows me to provide individual and personal instruction in a creative and helpful environment. 

Skill Level
I teach painting fundamentals and more advanced painting techniques to adult students from beginners to professionals who sell and show their work. 

Media and Painting Styles
I teach primarily oil but also enjoy teaching acrylic and watercolor. Students are welcome to work on any subject matter including abstracts!

Classes:        $25 class (1-1.5 hour) - includes using studio paint, brushes, turpentine
                     $35 class (1-1.5 hour) -includes using studio paint, brushes, turpentine, canvas available for class
(Studio brushes and paint will not be brought home with student but canvas will be!)

Private oil painting instruction by class is designed to give the beginning oil painter the basic skills necessary to begin their oil painting journey, while supporting students with more experience to expand their skills. Practice both painting from life, as well as from a photo reference, and learn the basics of the visual language needed to create your own unique oil paintings. 

Please note that there is no materials fee for this class, and students are required to purchase their own supplies. After registering for the class, I will email you a supply list with detailed information about where you can purchase your supplies for your home!


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