Do You accept debit/credit cards and Paypal?

Yes, I accept credit card, debit card, and PayPal. All prices are in USD but all currencies will be accepted at the current exchange rate.

When will my prints arrive? 

Prints usually take a maximum of 2 weeks from the time of purchase in order to be prepared for shipment, as I am hand printing and packaging each print myself!. Every order can take approximately 1-3 business days for USA orders. All orders will be sent out with a tracking number sent to your email when shipped!

What is the difference between a Limited Edition print and Regular print?

Limited Edition prints: A "signed and numbered limited edition print” is a print from an edition that is limited to a particular amount. Meaning, only a determined amount of prints are printed, and once sold out will not be printed again. Each print will have its own number. Usually in the lower left corner of the print and outside the image you can find for instance 161/500. This example means that the copy you hold in your hands is the number 161 out of a total edition of 500.

Regular Prints: A signed and labeled regular print will be continually printed when ran out. 

Why was my order refunded?

I will always send an email out regarding your order, refunds take place a week after the email was sent out. Refunds take place if the wrong shipping and handling price was clicked!